The history of the movie industry began at least in 1888 when the first motion-picture film was created. It was just 2.11 seconds long and featured people walking circles in a garden. But this small illustration of recreation started a huge industry of film-making, which evolved into video making in the late 80’s with the invention of digital recording. Today we cannot imagine marketing, culture, and even family holidays without it. But why is it so important and what benefits video production might bring to your business? Let us find out!

What is the process of video production?

Videography is the process of making video content. It differs from filmmaking by the principle of recording. Filmmaking uses physical film stock, while video production is based on digital recording. Today we recognize three stages of VP: pre-production, production, and post-production. The first stage concentrates on preparatory: scriptwriting, logistics, scheduling, etc. The second one is about actual filming and associated processes. And the final stage involves editing and saving/posting. There are variations on the scale, shooting techniques, and types of movie content but we will only mention categories. There are corporate, product, television broadcast, event, internet-oriented videos and so on. But why do you need any of those for marketing? Well, videography is the most exciting and engaging format of content creation. It is easy to understand, access, and publish. That is why video marketing brings high return-of-investment rates. Besides, it also looks prestigious for any company to have a good product or introduction clip on their website.

What we film?

Despite the fact basically anyone can make filming content nowadays, quality is a big concern in current marketing trends. That is why our company offers high-quality professionals in the videography creation field. We currently operate in Center Valley, Pennsylvania and produce all sorts of marketing, product, home-event, corporate, commercials, wedding videos and more.

To find out more about video production services and pricing in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, do not hesitate to contact us anytime!