What is SEO

Website development is not only about code and design. Optimization is what really makes websites visible and attractive online. This is where SEO comes into place. To those unfamiliar with the subject, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, its purpose is to make the website appear higher in search results upon relevant search requests. In other words, SEO is a set of rules and guidelines to consider so the website could index correctly in search engines and score higher ratings.

Types of SEO

SEO divides into three main categories: technical optimization, content optimization, and website promotion. Technical part is about configuring a bunch of settings separately for each search engine (Google, Bing, etc.) so they could monitor the website’s content easier. Content optimization stands for giving signals for the engine to understand what’s inside of your website. This requires specific website structure, SEO keywords, data markup and other techniques to perform. Last but not least, website promotion, is an optimization performed outside the website itself. It primarily consists of a backlink building. Provided that there are links to your website on trusted third-party sources, your website will automatically become trustworthy for search engines.

Why do you need SEO Optimization?

What is the purpose of a higher search position? Search systems are a universal solution for customers to find the answers to questions, needed services or desired goods online. If you provide any of those, search optimization is important. Statistically, users are 65% more likely to click on the first five search positions than the rest of thousands. Users tend to trust search positions and prioritize them according to a machine analysis. Therefore, the right strategy puts the business above the competitors that ignore SEO by attracting free traffic. This will boost the sales and customer confidence.

How do we optimize?

Our company provides local SEO services in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. Our goal is to make sure your search optimization goes smoothly and cost-efficient. Before the optimization itself, we will max out our analytical capabilities to select the right strategy and determine future set of actions by using professional tools. As a baseline for our SEO, we optimize data markups, images, website migrations, indexation, internal link structure, content, page loading speed, and local promotion strategy to move your website to the top of Center Valley search results.

So if you’re in search of professional SEO optimization in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, feel free to contact us any convenient way!