Promotional clips are good tools to bring customer involvement, raise brand awareness, and enhance company credibility. However, producing such content from scratch might be too expensive and takes a lot of work input. Luckily, there are affordable online solutions that do not require big investments. But first, let us tell you about the subject.

What is Promo Video and what is this for?

PV is a type of content created to provide users with information about the brand, company, service, product, event, or phenomenon. As well as typical advertisement clips, PVs are designed for marketing purposes (unless it is a non-profit organization). But there are differences between those. While the ad videos is typically made for direct familiarization with a product, the promo clip goes a little deeper trying to communicate with the viewer on a more personal, more emotional level. It can tell a brand story, share some insights, wish happy holidays or explain the product’s philosophy. Every ad is a promo but not every promo is an ad. Adding a right PV content to your digital marketing strategy stimulates brand loyalty, makes websites more preferable for search engines, attracts new leads and increases credibility.

What types of videos we film?

Our team of professionals makes it possible for smaller local businesses in Center Valley, Pennsylvania to afford high-quality promotional content. For that, we offer thousands of unique premade templates with a diverse library of animations, fonts, music, color themes, and scenes. Each template is customizable and easy-to-edit on request. Product videos, testimonials, explainers, event promos, etc. are what we passionate about and have vast experience in. We will do our best to make the project engaging and remembering to convey your product values.

So if you’re in search of expert promo video assistance in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, feel free to contact us any convenient way!