What is PPC

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. It is a natural part of Search Engine Marketing along with SEO (search engine optimization). While SEO is aimed at organic manipulations with content, links, and web design, PPC promotes websites, services, and goods on a fee-paying basis. Basically, this enables ads display at the sponsored section right above the search results section.

How does it work?

Each major search engine platform has its own bidding system for advertisement. On these ad bidding platforms, advertisers bid on keyword search requests relevant to their business. When potential customer types in a search request that contains similar keywords, it triggers ad appearance. For each unique click, an advertiser will be charged a small fee (hence the term “PPC”). PPC networks automatically calculate the CPC (cost per click) for each advertisement using a specific formula that reflects maximum bid, quality of the ad (and its relevance to the website’s content), and competitors' ratings. This forces advertisers to fit into the PPC network’s rules and standards of quality so they would not undermine the credibility of this way of advertising for users.

What are the benefits of PPC campaigns?

Unlike regular SEO optimization, PPC campaign is easy-to-track and easy-to-measure. This allows to not only monitor the effectiveness of each campaign but also to understand search patterns and behaviors of the target audience. PPC campaign is also relatively easy to set up, scale-up or customize. Like any high-quality and relevant to customer’s needs ad campaign, PPC advertising might blow up your sales, attract new customers, and recruit new subscribers if set it all up right.

What can we be helpful with?

Our agency makes it real for local businesses from Center Valley, Pennsylvania to break new ground with the help of paid advertisement. We specialize in Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and other PPC networks to get maximum out of your ad budget. Our vast experience in setting up ad campaigns online will make it super easy for you to keep CPC low, ad quality high, and your pockets full.

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